Why You Should Be Using An Email Autoresponder

With so many digital marketing software around, there’s no end to the ways you can improve your marketing efforts. Your business is unique, your various business strategies will most likely differ to your competitors in an effort to stand out from the crowd.

Like every business, you want to improve the sales performance of your business, that’s why in this post I want to reveal the importance of having a good email autoresponder in your bag of tricks.

What is an Email Autoresponder?

An email autoresponder is a software tool that a webmaster uses to send a series of automated emails, triggered by some kind of an action or event. I’ll give you an example:

Imagine a new visitor to your site goes through your pages and decides he likes what he sees and subscribes to your newsletter. Right after he subscribes he gets a welcome email going over who you are and what your business is about. The following week he gets an email of a well written case study of yours. 10 days later he gets an email of good blogs and resources you’ve been using, and a week after that he gets a promotional offer you’re running.

If you’ve done things right, there’s a good chance this random visitor could turn into a loyal paying customer.

That’s what an email autoresponder does, and it’s very effective. You create a series of well written emails taking the new subscriber on a journey leading to an irresistible offer that’s going to change their life, this email series is triggered by the new user subscription.

A good email series takes time and can be deadly effective. The key is to put some thought into building your email sequence, have great content, and make the content relevant to your audience.

There’s a number of good autoresponders to choose from. The main one’s are Aweber, Getresponse, Active Campaign and Mail Chimp. I won’t go into any details here, there’s lots of info on the web regarding the pros and cons of each.

Good Lead magnets Are Essential

Your cold website visitors have no reason to trust you, so why would they supply you with their valuable email addresses? Before you can put your email sequence into action you need to come up with a strategy, offer something free and of value to your visitor in exchange for their email address. We call this an ethical bribe. Once they subscribe, their email is saved in your autoresponder’s email list, and they’ve triggered your well written email sequence which is going to deliver kick ass emails over a period of weeks, leading to your magnificent offer that they’d be crazy to refuse.

Here’s some simple lead magnet ideas to start with:

  • Offer a free report on a subject you know well and is relevant.
  • Offer a step-by-step guide to solving a big problem in your area of expertise.
  • Provide a list of us-full and relevant resources you know would be hard to find.
  • As an expert in your field you’ll know best how to convert your visitors.
  • Give them a pleasurable experience for their email address.

The Email Sequence

You need to nurture your leads to a point where they are no longer giving resistance. By strategically sequencing your emails and progressively offering more value, you’re more likely to turn a cold stranger into a valuable customer.

Here’s an example of an email sequence you can use. Be sure to customize and make it your own. I’ve made the sequence over 5 days for simplicity, you’ll want to break it up a bit and test what works best.

Day 1 – Welcome Email

Setup your email sequence to fire the first email when a new user subscribes. The subject should be some kind of a welcome heading, and the content should introduce you and your business or brand to your new subscriber. Let them know what to expect from you and entice them into looking out for future mails from you (using open loops).

Day 2 – Case Study

The case study should be a statement showing that you’re an expert in your field and you know what you’re talking about. This will go a long way to building up trust from the start.

Day 3 – Blogs and Resources

Now that trust is growing, give a value rich mail giving the best blogs and resources you’ve found that are relevant. This is great free value that will win their hearts.

Day 4 – Offer & Discount

If your subscriber is still reading your mails, then you’re on the right track. Now you can get to the point and start to offer a product or service that is relevant, be sure to add in a discount that’s time sensitive, no-one want’s to miss out on a good deal.

Day 5 – Put Pressure

This next mail should be packed with free value. Put some pressure on subscriber, reminding them that time is running out, they’ll be afraid to miss out on a good opportunity.

Make It Your Own

As I’ve mentioned before, you want to make your email sequence your own. Mix it up, try some different out the box ideas. Send some one off emails out of the sequence from time to time, offer a free 30min Skype call? Ask your subscribers what’s working for them, and what they would like more of.

So Much More

Automating an email sequence is one of the main features of a good email autoresponder, however there are so many more features that make this software essential to your marketing efforts.

Most good email autoresponders allow you to build forms to import into your landing page. If you don’t know what a landing page is, don’t worry, I’ll cover that in another post. These forms can be imported using HTML code or with the use of an API, if the landing page platform supports your email autoresponder software.

List management allows you to collect leads from different forms into separate lists, so you can segment your leads by product, campaign etc.

Rich reporting is also available in most good email autoresponders so you can measure how well one form or email sequence works from another.

For my next post I think I’ll cover landing pages and how they interact with forms and lists, so look out for that one.