Dental Practice Offer

Are You A Dentist in KZN Looking For More Leads?

Gareth MIles

If So, I Have A One Of A Kind Offer For You?

  • I will work with 3 practices to build a digital marketing offer specifically tailored for Dentists & Orthodontists
  • The selected practices will be working closely with me to tailor make a digital strategy that can generate an additional 15 to 30 highly targeted leads a month.
  • During the trial process, the leads generated are free of charge. 
  • Once an offer has been proven, the three practices will enjoy a reduced rate for life.
  • The 3 practices need to be in different physical locations, to avoid creating competition

Below Are A Few Details Of What We Will Be Working On

Land Page

A targeted ad will be created that links to a website landing page similar to this one.

The Ad and the website will have an offer some thing like a 50% discount voucher for a simple service such as a checkup or teeth whitening.

If you consider the yearly value for a new customer, offering a discount like this is well worth the return.

Landing Page

Opt-In Form

The landing page will lead to an opt-in form where the leads details including Name, Email and Phone Number are captured. At the time of capture an automated Email is sent to the lead giving them details on the practice and the code to be used to redeem their voucher. In addition your practice will receive another Email giving details of the lead that just subscribed.

Opt-in Form

Thanks You Page

Once the leads details have been captured the button click redirects the lead to a thank you page where further details are given to the lead on how to proceed now they have the discount code. This is also a valuable place to up-sell the new customer another special offer or promotion.

Your practice is also able to follow up with the lead now that you have an email with their details.

Thank You Page

To find out how your practice can take advantage of this amazing offer and have a say in how it should be created, click the button below to find out more.